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Wilier Triestina Cento 1 NDR Disc Ultegra
Cento1NDR est le nouveau vélo de course de la gamme Endurance de la maison Wilier Triestina. La géométrie du cadre et la forme spécifique des haubans garantissent au cycliste deux qualités essentielles : rendement mais aussi et surtout confort. Rester longtemps en selle sera beaucoup moins fatigant : le triangle arrière a été conçu pour absorber autant que possible les contraintes générées par la route, généralement dues aux imperfections de la chaussée. Le transfert de la puissance de pédalage se fait avec une efficacité maximale grâce à une rigidité en torsion comparable à celle des cadres de compétition. Comme le Cento10NDR, le Cento1NDR peut être équipé de freins direct mount ou de freins à disque de type flat mount.
Wilier Triestina Cento10 AIR Dura-Ace
The culmination of five generations of groundbreaking machines, Wilier’s Cento10 AIR couples groundbreaking aerodynamic efficiency with the versatility and performance of a Grand Tour-worthy race bike. Their uncompromisingly stiff, light and aero 60-Ton monocoque-carbon frame and fork allow you to effortlessly scale mountain passes, carve hairpin corners, and crush your opponents on the flats, all while cutting through the wind and harnessing your every watt. Its aero Shimano wheels accelerate quickly, and Shimano's new and improved drivetrain components are sure to carry you to the front of the pack. And, when the fun starts to get a little out of hand there's always the Shimano brakes to bring it all back under control. The aerodynamic carbon seatpost, topped with a comfortable saddle, and the Alabarda carbon handlebar and stem keep looks and rider comfort sky high.
Wilier Triestina Cento10Air Alabarda
Our storied past and racing heritage have combined to produce a winning bicycle. Aerodynamics, low weight, and high ride quality make the new Cento10AIR a unique racing machine. The brand new Cento10AIR revolutionizes aero concepts known until now. Research, study, and testing have redefined and redesigned the tube profiles, departing from the traditional concept that the thinner they are, the more aero they are. Now the bike is designed with the overall system in mind. The goal is to push the cooperation of all the components with the frame, to have the best performance.
Wilier Triestina Cento1Air Ultegra Di2
A new milestone has been reached at Casa Wilier. The Cento1’s fifth generation is now a here. After Cento1, Cento1SL, Cento1SLR and Cento1SR, we wanted to push ourselves further. Once again. The basis for this 2014 development has been to bring us closer to the aerodynamic efficiency of the TwinBlade, coupled with the Cento1's versatility and performance. Cento1 is now working with the the wind. Performance, efficiency, comfort and now even more aerodynamic. Cento1AIR represents the culmination of all of our knowledge acquired in recent years.
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